Hi Voluptuous Ladies

I am now selling gently worn chic clothing for beautiful voluptuous ladies sizes 12-18 at affordable prices. I am in the process of posting the pictures here. If you can’t wait until they are posted, you can blog me here and I will respond. 

Have a wonderful Big Sexy Day!



I started a new Company for Large Sized Women

Ceecee Simpson

Voluptuous in Gold

I do not often enjoy shopping at the department or in the “alley” downtown Los Angeles because wearing a size 16 is hard to find and the clothes are so ugly. My girlfriends are smaller so I just watch them shop wishing I could get sexy clothes too.

So I started my own gently worn clothing store online on the Internet where we voluptuous women could shop until we drop and get sexy clothes at reasonable prices! The company is also called The Pampered Image. The easiest way to pay is with Paypal. You also can send a postal money order too. Don’t forget to add the shipping charges of $7.00 to your order if you are in the United States. If you are not in the United States, please email me and I will tell you the shipping price. I only accept Paypal if you are in the United States.

I offer sexy lingerie, shirts, skirts, pants and dresses.  I will update my pictures  as soon as possible. My sizes are 12-18.

Thank You in Advance, Ceecee

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